Rocket League, the car-soccer sensation

  • Rocket League, the car-soccer sensation, is gearing up to release yet another banger of an update. Starting February 19th, the long-awaited Friends List (previously RocketID) is set to make its debut. Friends List will allow you and your friends, across every platform, to party up and play games together online for the first time ever. The Friends List Tab will be viewable from the main menu, in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen. The Friends List is split into four tabs: Friends, RocketID, Recent Players, and Alerts.

    RocketID – This section will show all the friends you have on all the other platforms, along with their respective RocketIDs. This section will also allow you to make cross-platform parties. If someone from another platform wants to add you and asks for your RocketID, you can view that in this section at the very top. RocketID’s will take on a form that looks like this ” Psyonix Player #1234″. You can change the RocketID name portion, but the number stays the same and is randomly generated.

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