Related content of the New World Endgame

  • When players are struggling in Aeternum, they may always wonder what Amazon’s MMO has prepared for them when they reach level 60. Although players may have fun while leveling up, many MMOs rely on its New World Coins to keep players logged in after reaching the highest level.

    Most MMOs have a tendency to reach the highest level as quickly as possible. A higher level means more powerful weapons and equipment, and the world is opened up, allowing players to enter all those areas that mean death at a lower level. And, of course, there is the final ending.

    Although it differs for different MMOs, they usually encourage players to move towards the same goal, which is to get better equipment. After players reach level 60 of weapon proficiency and complete the prerequisite mission of Eintou Madaki from Mountainhome, they will be able to accept the mission to obtain an epic version of the weapon. The task itself will require you to Buy New World Coins so that the NPC can make it for you.

    During the upgrade process, players will notice the side missions scattered in the game, and they may ignore many of the side missions, instead focusing on the main story missions and town and faction missions. Players need to complete these side tasks, especially in the late game area, which will help improve their equipment scores and obtain other valuable items.