NBA 2K22: The Spurs rank poorly in the game

  • As The Spurs with only two San Antonio players rated above 80 in the new version of the game, it has not been loved by the developers.

    At present, the long-awaited 2K22 MT NBA 2K22 has been released, and the ratings of players and teams have always been a topic of constant debate. It was the same this year, but even players like LeBron James expressed their dissatisfaction before the suspension of the game.

    This season is a difficult season for their fans who want to play with the Spurs. The San Antonio Spurs are currently ranked second to last in the league, second only to the Thunder, and his rating is also a third-level team. Only Dejounte Murray and Keldon Johnson have scores over 80. The former is the best player on the team, with a total score of 82 points. The newly added Thaddeus Young scored 79 and Doug McDermott scored 76. And rookie Josh Primo ranked 71, tied for 23rd among rookies.

    However, Spurs fans can still choose from two classic teams to achieve the goal of dominating with silver and black cards. Because it can be used by teams in the 2004/5 and 2013/14 seasons. Most of the best players in team history are on the All-Time team roster, such as Sean Elliott, James Silas, George Gervin and David Robinson. Tim Duncan was also in the lineup of the best ten-year team in 2000, and his sports score was the same as that of Kobe Bryant and Kevin Garnett, both with 99 points. So if players think it is too difficult to play with the current team, there are still options.

    As for the rest of the league, the list of the top ten players in the game remains the same, with some changes in position. Stephen Curry and LeBron have been at the top of the list for the second year in a row, and Kevin Durant is in very good form after returning from injury last season. He currently shares the top position of the NBA 2K22 player rankings. Former Spurs player DeMar DeRozan ranked 36th.

    The Spurs currently have no players in the top 50, and Murray has been declining from 61. Derrick White's score dropped from 79 to 78. Hope that as the season progresses, we can Buy MT 2K22 see more San Antonio players get better ratings, and at the same time young players can better perform themselves.

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