Genshin Impact: After exploring the world, let's go fishing and

  • The 2.1 version of Genshin Impact was finally launched yesterday under the wait of players. Players are probably very keen to get in touch with the new characters Baal and Sara. In addition, if you want to take a short break from saving the world, then you can choose to go fishing. This article will tell you some things that can help you.

    Fishing in Genshin Impact can not only temporarily slow down the Genshin Impact Account for sale pace of the game, but also the fish caught can be replaced with various materials and drawings, and it is completely fine to use them as meat in cooking.

    When the player reaches Adventure Level 30 or higher, they can enter Inazuma and unlock the Serenitea Pot housing system. If the player has met these requirements, they can then complete the Exploding Population quest by talking to Katherine of Adventurer's Guild in Mondstadt. This mission is very brief, the player will encounter Nantuk located outside the city. He will send the player to catch a few fish after showing the basic knowledge to the player.

    Because schools of fish can appear in any body of water, it is worthwhile for players to pay attention to them when they are out. There are schools of fish in Mondstadt, Liyue, and Inazuma. If you encounter them, you can mark them on the map now and check back later. In addition, remember not to get too close to the fish or fight against the enemy nearby, as this will cause the fish to be scared away. The types of fish that players can catch will also vary according to the time of day, and different types of fish can be obtained by fishing in different locations.

    The mechanism of phishing is very simple, but it may take many repeated attempts to master it. When the player approaches the fishing school, press "F" as prompted to start. Then, choose the fishing rod and bait to use. First hold down the left mouse button to aim and start fishing, then release it to cast the line. When the fish is attracted, wait for the splash animation to appear, and then click the left mouse button to hook the fish. If the player successfully hooks the fish, the player needs to alternately click and release the mouse button to keep the indicator in the designated area of the tensiometer. If there is no problem with your operation, the fish will be caught.

    Different baits can attract different types of fish. If the player has a fish that he wants to catch, it is best to Buy Genshin Impact Accounts prepare the correct bait. You can obtain bait blueprints from the Fishing Association, and then you can make bait on any crafting table.

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