How do you get tokens for the game

  • You will also get the MT in MT 2K22 other features such as Domination and 5-on-5 games, Multiplayer games, and Multiplayer Games. These MT can be used to buy MyTeam roster items. In addition, MT will be ranked depending on your performance in the game also. If your team is able to improve its numbers and wins, the MT will rise.

    Auction House listings are another option for players to gain MT. As you get more cards, you'll learn to list auctions for them or Buy Now offers to increase your MT. Take a look at the prices of the first Diamond cards in NBA 2K21 MyTeam.

    Tokens are a currency that is specifically designed for the NBA 2K21 MyTeam mode. Tokens can be used to purchase players from the Token Market. This marketplace provides various levels of cards, each with different amounts of tokens.

    You can find it at the Pack Market screen by selecting "Rewards". Every card color (level), costs a specific amount of tokens. The initial level of cards is three Tokens for the first level, and the following level costs six Tokens. In the following table, Pink Diamond cards and Galaxy Opal get expensive.

    Tokens are available in many ways, and for free. One way to get them is when you log in to the MyTeam mode, as you can earn daily rewards for free. The first week of 2K21's launch, there was the option of a free Token that was available for Buy 2K22 MT two days that you log into.