What is your biggest pet pieve in OSRS?

  • I want the devs to be able to RuneScape Gold make more content they desire, although I adore this game. The polling process is nice but it creates Runescape lack management imo. Idk man, I'd rather be safe than sorry, the original game had full freedom and we all know how that ended, where do we draw the line? Right, but EOC wouldn't have forced it to even 40 percent. Eventually a Jagex parent company will look at the development price for content that never makes it into Runescape and scrape the polling system completely or reduce on the development to the point where they can hardly produce fresh content.

    As they're making as much cash as they are plenty of business believe them on what makes Runescape great. In case Runescape were to become rewarding be a large margin that is when parent companies start having more to say. Agreed 100 percent, the requirement has to be lowered to 65-60. Warding was like 73% but because it was not 75% it had been scrapped even after all the time they put into it. I seriously doubt we will ever get a skill if the 75% stays. There's honestly enough max capers now adays that do not need to lose their capes to make every new skill neglect a poll.

    Coulda sworn it was. Regardless it should be majority rules, 65 percent is still more than half of the players. I feel as if polling a new ability it shouldn't possess a 75% threshold, its not a simple questionnaire like"hey do you want a new slayer boss?" A new ability is a big update and there is always going to be some people who don't like it, thats why we haven't had a new skill since release over 7 decades ago. Warding was not the first ability to be polled, however, the results are the same that they will all always fail unless the survey threshold is decreased. I have an problem with the whole polling system. Perhaps it's nostalgia but I miss seeing a random new update and waking up as a kid.

    We understand everything that's coming weeks or even months since they have to ask our permission before they do anything before its released. Not to mention developers produce content in an unbiased way while gamers voting on polls are completely biased, voting in a way that rewards them rather than Runescape, like in the past when pvmers voted against most of pvp upgrades, so they simply started releasing pvp content without surveys, like the ferox enclave. Speak for yourself. Among the reasons I stopped playing RS2 was due to the addition of new skills because they changed the meta of Runescape, and a new ability will alter the meta of Runescape completely. I believe that abilities should be held to a high standard.

    However, who are you gaining some benefit over? Defence is actually quite powerful, the issue is that many"round" account assembles end up using a lesser hp level than their battle level, and for pvp hp is quite important. If you put 70 in most stats (like prayer) you come out with a level 89 account with 72 hitpoints, which can be just about 1 shot by a pure of the same battle using an ags. Even a rune pure may hit a 70 AND possess vengeance. The reason the level 50 can strike just like an 80 is since they possess the same strength level. Simple as that. Pures often don't like battling defence accounts because they end up being so inaccurate against them it requires multiple struggles to eventually capture the rng to OSRS Buy Gold kill them.