World of Warcraft Classic TBC: Nagrand's Classic Mission List

  • With the World of Warcraft TBC Classic server officially launched on June 2, many players have embarked on their leveling road. For the opening of the World of Warcraft TBC Classic server, the official also launched a lot of activities. There are virtual gifts and physical rewards. From now until June 20th, players who purchase virtual gift packs or season cards or half-year cards in Blizzard Mall can receive a very meaningful "exclusive customized nameplate" for their game characters, which is a rare physical item The reward is very memorable!

    The content of the TBC version itself is very rich. Compared with the previous 60s, it has added a lot of new gameplay and interesting tasks. With the blessing of flying mounts, I believe that everyone will not run the picture like before. Today, I’m going to talk about some interesting tasks in the Nagrand map in the TBC version. Of course, their rewards are also quite good, you can earn more WOW TBC Classic Gold. As a nostalgic party, it is completely worth experiencing again.

    Hemet Nesingwary Hunting Mission

    As one of the most evergreen mission NPCs in "World of Warcraft", this dwarf old man has appeared in every version from the classic old world version to 8.0 Battle for Azeroth. This time he also traveled through the darkness with the adventurers. Zhimen came to Outland and transferred his hunting base from Stranglethorn Vale to the green grasslands of Nagrand.

    More than ten years ago, this task required you to kill a total of hundreds of animals (it is said that you would kill 99 monsters in the first stage. In the later period, Blizzard reduced the number of monsters, but the age is far away. Exquisite), the most common sight at the time was that one by one, he was struggling to cut monsters one by one in close combat, while a Faye brought his blizzard passing by. This huge number is really torture for the players at the time, time-consuming and laborious, but fortunately the rewards are very large, and the final "ultimate hunting" task is completed and a blue weapon can be obtained.

    Wanted Dunn the Hunger

    Better rewards belong to stronger challengers! Hogg, who once let the trumpet hear about the wind, also belongs to this type of elite wanted mission. This huge son of Gruul patrols near the sacred mountain of Oshugu, and you can see its huge body far away. If you Want to get a lot of experience points and blue equipment rewards belonging to you from it, it is recommended to find a few teammates to challenge.

    This type of reward task is relatively independent, there is no pre-task line, as long as the level reaches 67, you can receive it.

    "I want these bird eggs!"

    As the ultimate torture task of the handicapped party, this NPC located near the clan sentry south of Nagrand presents a problem for all players-how to successfully climb the tree and get the bird eggs on the tree through a trampoline floatation BUFF.

    After clicking on the trampoline and flying into the air, the character's falling point is difficult to control, so you need to take the opportunity to cancel the BUFF on the body in advance to successfully fall into the bird's nest. For players who have not learned flying and riding, it is simply a day. It's a big challenge, but if you really wait until you learn how to fly, you will feel click-and-send, dull. Buy WOW Classic Burning Crusade Gold now to make your gaming life easier.