FIFA 22: A Number of New FIFA 22 Features Exclusive to the Game

  • Recently EA Sports demonstrated the career mode of FIFA 22 and announced many new FIFA 22 features unique to games on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and S, and Stadia, confirming that more you can’t do on PlayStation 4, Xbox One or PC The PC version of the obtained functions is still the previous generation version.

    In the career mode of all platforms, there will be some news items that focus on your statistics and achievements, which will be triggered when certain milestones occur (for example, when you or your player’s goal prediction is to break the goal of the game When recording, and you or they eventually succeeded in doing so).

    But on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and S, and Stadia, these achievements are not just celebrated in the news. These versions of FIFA 22 also have a pre-match introduction sequence, where the team of commentators will understand your achievements.

    The new cutscenes include a new team warm-up sequence, locker room "moments", team inspections of the stadium, and last-minute venue admins.

    EA stated that if your team does not perform well in an important game, you may even see the crowd leave early.

    When you get a new management job, there will be a new reveal movie, updated transfer announcement news happening in the stadium, not just in the press room.

    The commentator team will use "jokes" to learn about your player's career during a transfer or loan transfer, your debut, or when you consolidate your position among the 11 starting players.

    EA Sports stated that it has improved the quality of the screenshots taken from the game in the news you receive when you return to the center, "to make the story more in line with your game experience."

    We also got more information about Alex Scott's comments. It comes from the English commentary of "Target News from Elsewhere", and Scott provides minute-by-minute updates of simultaneous matches. "We are using the latest technology to ensure that the transition between the commentary team and Alex Scott sounds as natural as possible," EA Sports said, but there may be interruptions.

    These next-generation features join EA's so-called "HyperMotion" gameplay, combining machine learning and 11v11 motion capture to improve the way players move in the game, becoming the unique FIFA 22 on PS5, Xbox Series X and S, and Stadia. There are functions.

    This misses the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One (and Switch, but I think no one will expect anything this year except for the old digital version of Nintendo consoles).

    At the same time, in other career mode news, you can create your club in this year's competition-this feature has appeared in FIFA competitions in the past ten years, but has been absent since then.

    You first choose the name of the club and the nickname that the commentary team will use. Then you choose the league you want to participate in, and then you choose the team you want to replace. The number of teams participating in the league remains the same, while the team you replace enters other teams in the world.

    You can choose any league in the game, so you can start from the bottom of a national league system or play in the top league.

    Then you choose an opponent club from your league. The match with your opponent gets more attention through the broadcast and gets more news reports and stories.

    You can also customize your team's home and away jerseys, club emblems, and your home court. The jersey, badge and your base stadium can be changed at the beginning of each new season.

    The stadium customization in career mode allows you to choose from any basic general stadium in the game, and allows you to change its basic color, seat color, stadium pattern and even the shape of the net.

    The atmosphere around the club can also be changed, with a range of target songs, crowd hymns and strike songs to choose from.

    Stadium customisation also applies to existing clubs that have not allocated a licensed stadium in the game.

    As you might expect, there is a team builder to create your club. When creating these new players, you can control the star rating of the team and the average age of the players. The nationality of the players generated in your team depends on the nationality composition of the players in the league you choose. So, for example, if 7% of the players in the Premier League have French nationality, every time a player is generated for your Premier League team, they have a 7% chance of being French. EA says that no matter which league you choose to play in, it can make the team feel real.

    Then you choose your starting budget (your transfer budget can be up to 1 billion in the currency of your choice). Then you use your budget to sign new players.

    You can also change the priority of the club board to determine the goals you get (domestic and regional priorities are also affected by the star rating of your team).

    Elsewhere in the career mode, the player’s career has changed (you can now play as a substitute, with new game goals, and a fully reformed player growth system), as well as a new locker room that is played at the end of each game Cutscene player career.

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