The initial change from Vanilla to TBC

  • There was the option of or keep your character in the plain realms at WOW TBC Gold Naxx or to move your character through the Dark Portal to the TBC expansion.

    Naturally, most of the player base progressed to TBC due to the lack of new game content in vanilla.

    Some stayed vanilla, that's why you have the option however I wouldn't recommend it because the numbers are lower than they should be and you cannot switch that character to TBC. Also, they're rolling out Season of Mastery which is essentially vanilla on a 12 month cycle. It could replace the classic servers.

    They're likely to upgrade the TBC servers over to Wrath Classic the same way as they did last expansion. It is possible to have the possibility of keeping your characters on dead TBC server.

    I'm considering re-entry into WoW (was massively interested in it up until the beginning of Cataclysm. I loved WotLK until the very conclusion and have been thinking about switching to Classic or Classic TBC. I am unsure how Classic TBC operates. If I create the Classic TBC character does this mean that I won't have the ability to use it for Classic TBC content. What is the outcome if the Classic TBC character is released and Classic WotLK is released? I'm unsure of how classic games progress and would be grateful for someone to provide me with clarification.

    The classic server currently running is of the classic age. It's stuck on the Naxx patch. TBC is a progression server which is in phase 2 with content from T5 being released. Though it's still not confirmed, it is likely that we will likely progress into Wrath when we reach a certain point in TBC.

    There is at present TBC Classic and Classic Era (Vanilla). These are two distinct clients. At present, making a character in one is not going to be available on the other. The version that you're currently working with is the one that you were using before.

    The initial change from Vanilla to TBC was dealt with in a manner that allowed them to update the "Classic" client to TBC and then added "Classic Era" as a new option for download. All characters were changed to "Classic Era", and both the "current" as well as the "Classic Era" versions were disabled. The next step was to choose which copy you wanted to activate which would prohibit you of using the other one (the vast majority of people were able to activate the TBC version).

    Think about Warcraft's name. There's not much of buy Burning Crusade Classic Gold it either in vanilla or TBC. There aren't a lot of other options than wars between the horde or alliance.