This feeling is not present in Runescape

  • The novel is fictitious, but old school runescape gold I believe it is mostly accurate in relation to the land between the major towns. This feeling is not present in Runescape with the exception of the Wilderness or the Kharidian Desert. Both of these are large and potentially dangerous (especially to an unexperienced traveler) and are not filled to the brim with content.

    The first thing I would like to say is that the lodestone system should be removed. For those who just need to walk one time, it can kill the sense of adventure. The second reason is that clan camp needs to be shrunk to perhaps a quarter of its current size. It removed a significant (in size) forest and caused the Falador-Rimmington-Port Sarim area to become unrealistically joined together.

    Not least, I believe that there should be added risks in the "wilderness" in between towns. This could include natural events or even outlaws pursuing you. Jagex tried creating this problem by introducing level 5 highwaymen. They are insignificant for all players over level 10, and they don't pose any dangers for those smart enough not to run.

    The dangers you face would be correlated to your level of skill and would be less common in higher levels. They wouldn't come from anywhere and fight you, but would be similar to random incidents. This could also reduce botting. It would also be a good idea to expand the map but it would be difficult.

    Eastern lands are interesting and I believe they've got plenty of potential, but before we go into them, I think I'd rather look at Menaphos and Prifidinas. Also, keeping them ridiculously mysterious is actually extremely helpful in the event that they need to bring retcon stuff in. They're great, but unnecessary currently unless Jagex truly wants to build an Asian playerbase. If they were ever released, I would love tie ins with players-owned Ports, Majharrat, or another race...but OSRS buy gold there aren't Pandas like in WOW.