Head to Larry that the zookeeper and notify him


    When the signal has been broadcast you are picked up by OSRS Gold the gnome 12th as well as also the new 14th fleet, combat copters! You get returned to tree gnome village. After teleporting back to warn the king you may find him instructing an attack on the icebergs into the north after which Archeron. (The lands to the north, and also the penguins"Motherland") Murphy agrees to come with you and see this site but asks you to obtain an expert.

    Head to Larry that the zookeeper and notify him of your following strike contrary to the penguins. He will hastily tell you of this violence occuring between the fighter and penguin cages with ice and stones being thrown at each other. Turn to a fighter and put in your amulet and inquire the monkey what is happening. He'll state that the penguins declared war about the monkeys and have decided to conquer the world. The monkeys say the penguins can't be allowed to rule the world as the only ice cream flavour could be fish!

    Put on your penguin suit and talk to the penguins and inquire what is wrong. They'll state that the monkeys are trying to take over the world and will destroy the world, and the only fast food could be everything but fish and chips! Go back to Larry and tell him the information....

    When you arrive in the"motherland" you immediately are struck 1s like enemy wars. You also get your pryaer points reduced all the time as your morale is leeched. Head down into the looming cave and you will be at a massive penguin city. You divide up from the team and Buy RuneScape Gold therefore are tasked in finidng out regarding the war plans. You should now either sneak around avoiding the level 97 Penguin Gaurds: Or you may kill them, but if they're not killed quick enough you're surronded by 5 gaurds who must be killed. Each of gaurds cna hold you in posistion for 5 seconds with nets which cannot be blocked but a high agility level helps.