First 200M magic exp is over 3 million alchs


    First 200M magic exp is over 3 million alchs, if the player clicked his mouse so many times he deserves to earn 2gp for each alch. It's not important. How did nature get to OSRS Gold this stage in its development? The answer is simple: the amount outweighed the need. Why is this? The market was stable back when there were just legitimate players however the bot hoards have smothered demand. THE SAME REASONS THAT CAUSED the current epidemic could see the runes hitting the value of alch once more in a few months. What's is next? The alch can be lowered once more.

    If the status quo was left in place, the market would have been more stable, simply because they'd be alched thus increasing the demand by two, from one would have to cast the spell and one to alch as oppesef to just one to cast the spell, and the second item to alch.

    It was part of the logic that "It's an adverse effect on the yew shortbows, etc" Well, if these DID drop, even if their high alch price increased, they'd be as popular to alch to make money from. Players would have a wide range of choices to maximize profit by just a few grams.

    The precedent is currently. Based on the logic of the sticky say it became profitable to make a body made of dhide does this mean that they will take over and alter prices? Consider OVLDS. If the price of making one has been cut in half, does that mean that they will make an update to Buy RS Gold the pots that were once costly?