My teacher suggested to visit the nurse at school

  • Once, I played binge for nearly 18 hours per day for seven days. Then, at the close of my senior year, my runescape account bunny_mgl became banned. In the meantime, i was selling game items on ebay. My 3 years of work came to end, i was one of the richest player in OSRS Gold the game. Looking back on what i did and the way i failed to figure it out, i was ready to kill myself. I was furious at the fact that my accomplishments were erased, that my parents hated me for treating them with disrespect, the my only friend was playing the game.

    My teacher suggested to visit the nurse at school. We spoke for about 30 minutes. I was later transported by the police and taken to a mental institution for my suicide thoughts. I told the psychiatrist that I'd purchased 5 Extacy pills and considered taking too much.

    It's not just me who lives like this in Runescape. The game Runescape is so evil that you must spend 10 hours per day for at minimum a month to master one skill. There are 20+ abilities. JAGEX hired psychologists to create a game that is addictive and earn 5 dollars per month from players to play the game. The game has 150 to 300,000 players addicted and their lives are consumed. It is estimated that between 100-200k people play the game at any given time.

    I want to save the players who have fallen into Cheap RS Gold the game like I did. I would like large corporations to stop creating these games that are addictive and take away lives and eat away at their time.