It happened to me after my freshman year


    It happened to me after my freshman year... When I was just 15 years old, I was a happy kid. I played basketball and tennis, however I was also a good player of soccer and OSRS Accounts tennis. After that, Runescape introduced me to the game. While the graphics were terrible but it was incredibly addicting. I started playing Runescape more and more each day. This was the case during my sophomore and junior years.

    My parents tried to get me to quit however I refused to listen. I would play for eight hours every single day during the week and over 10 hours during weekends. I was unable to pass my classes, and skipped school quite often. I found myself obsessed with this game and frequently missed school or left my friends. This was my everyday life.

    I once binged played for close to 18 hours per day, for seven days. Then it all stopped at the close of my senior year, when my runescape account bunny_mgl was shut down, and I was selling game's items on eBay. After 3 years of labor I was the highest-earning player in the game. When i looked back on my mistakes and the opportunities that i missed, i was mad and contemplated suicide. I was so angry that all my work was lost, that my parents hated and that my only friend, who was also in the game, was me.

    My teacher suggested to visit the nurse at school. We spoke for 30 minutes. I was later transported by the police and taken to a mental institution for Cheap OSRS Gold my suicide thoughts. I informed the psychiatrist that I'd bought 5 Extacy pills and considered taking too much.