Let's examine the opinions of two players

  • Let's examine the opinions of two players. Yes. It takes 7 days for new players to OSRS Gold build their cities. If they don't push themselves and join an alliance with more strength, they will quickly fall victim to more experienced and powerful players.

    "Just like other games of this type, it's a chore to play and update every single thing. The progress is slow, and there's not much to do with the data that you have gathered. This is a typical issue with the game. To keep up with your neighbours, you have to make sure that your city, army and defense are being upgraded all day long. If you don't do it often enough, you'll be wasting time. Then your city will become stale and just waiting to attack.

    Max, my friend, provides a more detailed explanation. Although you don't have to be online every day, it's important to log in at least a portion of the time in order to keep up with other competitive gamers. The top scores feel as if they are purely reserved for those paying and playing all day long."

    I also asked players whether War of Legends would be successful. The responses from all of them were different, but they all shared the same basic concept. War of Legends does not stand out, there are many games similar to it online and are well-known. Does that mean it will be a failure? "Evony and Civilization, The Sims and similar games are all success, therefore this game should also be successful."

    This is one way to look at it! There are many players. It is also possible to Buy Old School RS Gold consider a different viewpoint. "No this game won't be successful. There's nothing to make this game different from similar games. It is a very basic strategy for combat, using the use of "scissor-paper-rock" system that permits very little strategy."