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    You also get to repair the split bow (85 fletching and 75 crafting demanded ), and the shattered team (85 magical, 70 fletching and 75 crafting required). If you build these weapons, then you get a repaired bow and a repaired staff. These can be used at a subsequent search to unlock their whole potential. If you do construct the sword, you unlock the most powerful sword in the sport.

    The special attack will stop the competition in their paths, poison them somewhere between 5 - 10 damage and hit them above 30. However, the exceptional will completely drain your pub, and drain 10 off your attack, strength and defence, and drain your prayer somewhere between 10 - 30, so it balances out. The freezing time for this particular sword is roughly 15 seconds, and your odds of hitting the special really are a 1 in 5 chance, so it is pretty balanced.

    Well I decided to go low level bhing with Light. So this ranger around twelve levels above me strikes me, and it's a fairly long struggle because he safes the entire time but eventually I piled a range-2h struck perfectly and koed him. I look at the fall pile, the type of osrs fire cape service thing youd expect to see from a range, scim, chaps, bow etc..