Defenders are now being attacked by 10 icefiends

  • Defenders are now being attacked by 10 icefiends (pyrefiend) and 10 hobgoblins, 10 vampires and 10 pyrefiend. we now lose icefiend and pyrefiend and 15 hobgoblins, 10 vampires and 10 werewolves will attack defenders and attackers. 15 hobgoblins, 15 vampires, and 15 werewolves will start to OSRS Gold attack everything that is in their path. 10 hobgoblins, 10 vampires, five cyclops and 10 werewolves will target builders and defenders.

    The vampires, hobgoblins and 15 werevoles have been lost. 10 cyclops, five hellhounds and 10 werevoles will now attack the builders as well as attackers. There will be 10 werewolves, 10 hellhounds and 10 cyclops who will strike at everything within their reach. Your fortress will soon be attacked by 15 werewolves, 10 cyclops (10 hellhounds), and 5 demons (ten cyclops). We will lose the werewolves, cyclops and 15 hellhounds 10, demons, and 5 orks will start attacking the structers. 10 hellhounds, 10 demons; and 10 orks are going to attack attackers, builders and defenses.

    The hellhounds and demonics are gone 15 orks (10 dark beasts) and five knights (five each) will attack attackers. 10 orks 10 dark beasts, 10 orks, and 10 knights will begin attacking the defenders. We lose the orks, 15 knights, dark beasts and 15 will begin attacking your fortress. 25 knights will start taking over everything around them and we'll lose the dark animals.

    We lose the knights, and a dragon will attack your structers. Three dragons can be capable of attacking buildings but not people. The dragons will be destroyed, and a god will strike all. The special objects. Tele orbs: you receive 2 tele orbs for each of the four directions of the compass. Protector: If you are attacked, you won't be in a position to recover for two minutes. Absorber: any effects (eg. Any effect (eg. stun) that is cast on you by revs are absorb by. You get only 2. Infuse - Every rev you cast on Buy RS3 Gold you for 5 minutes will be absorbed. After that, it is immediately defeated and you receive 2.