Shades of Mor'Ton as well as the Myreque in Aid of the Myreque

  • Our knights are gone, and a Dragon will attack your buildings. Three dragons are going to OSRS Gold attack structures, but humans. we lose the dragons and gods will strike everything. The special objects. Tele orbs: You'll receive 2 teleorbs for each direction on the compass. Protector: They can only be used for 2 minutes. Absorber: You'll absorb any effect (e.g. You can only have 2 of every effect (eg. Infuse. Every rev you get will battle to the death for five minutes. Then it is removed immediately.

    Talk to Katrine or Straven. Master Thwait has been defeated! This is amazing, but do we have any proof? Yes I do. It's his master Theif armband. All his golden iniatials! Katrine/Straven could look at it, and then break off of it. It's fantastic. You'll learn some trade secrets from my associate. Katrine/Straven will provide you with an outline of the map, and you'll be near an unintentional "associate". If you have successfully completed the quest Omart (or Slug from Fremmy Isles) is the Associate. Talk to him to complete the quest!
    Quest Rewards. Thwait's Tome. This gives 8.5k for any two skills that you choose from the 35th level. Thwait's (P+) Dagger. Master Theif Armband. You can also add your player's name on it. 11,500 Theiving XP.

    Quest Title: Repairing Burgh De Rott. Skills Required: 40 Construction. Requirements:Lobster Pot that has 80 planks, 300 nails 10 bolts for cloth onions seeds, potato seeds bags of Willow Tree, Bagged Oak Tree and Bagged Nice Tree.

    Shades of Mor'Ton as well as the Myreque in Aid of the Myreque. To begin this Quest Talk to Florin in Burgh De Rott. Good morning! (Player Name). It was nice of your to take a few minutes to work on Burgh De Rott. This place still seems to be a bit shabby. Yes, it is a shame that the walls remain broken, that the bridge has been destroyed and that we don't have enough food.

    Maybe I could help out for a bit more, but I've made a fantastic basis for the Myreque. It would be wonderful. First, the Inn is in desperate need of some repair. Go to old school runescape accounts for sale the Inn and speak to the Innkeeper. Good morning, (Player name). How did you return to Burgh De Rott Florin stated that Florin would fix the Inn. What's the first thing I need to do? Well, we could use around 8 cups of asgardian ale to put in these old, dry pumps.