While the stats of the armor are not affected

  • While the stats of the armor are not affected, I do understand that OSRS Gold you might be able to do it as an armor member. I don't know if you would agree, but I would pay 1 Mil GP to have my rune changed to a navy color with white lining. I also want my rune to look scimmy as if it's made of gold.

    If you sell your platebody, helm, legs and shield, it will be restored to its original color and state. This is one benefit that I can see. There is a reason why you come across Wildy using your D-chain but you altered the color to look like addy or rune or rune, and if you're lucky some one walking by may not be tempted to attack you because of your armor. Another option is to cover your mith/addy in the form of a rune and ensure that your opponent is scared as you attack. This can be used to develop a new strategy for pking on pvp or wildy.

    The members should be able to to construct the armor on their own, however they should not be denied statistics. Freeplay Members may have to pay 240k-720k to an NPC to obtain the armor. They may also have to attain certain levels of skill or purchase items for the NPC according to the type of armor.

    One example is that a member can "paint" or, should you prefer, put on his bronze armor when he reaches level 23. Iron at level 31 Steel 42, Mithril @ 55, Addy @ 62 Rune at 75, Dragon at 85 A member could also pay the same NPC aswell if they preferred. The NPC is not limited to Old School RS Gold metals. For instance you could put stripes to your Dragonhide so that it would make it look more attractive when you snap a picture of your first Green Dragon.