I think that there should be a day and night

  • I think that there should be a day and OSRS Gold night and possibly even weather within RuneScape. The Day and Night thing can be based on the current time zone of the server we log into! It will be an amazing invention!

    Certain quests can be completed at specific time of day... such as quests that involve Vampires and creatures of night may be completed only at night time. There are also creatures, such as Vampires, the undead, not available in the daylight hours. Morytania may be an abandoned area during the day, but can become populated at the night.

    In the desert, the night time can reduce our chances of feeling thirsty and walking around with 1 or no water skins won't cause too much concern. Some real world creatures, like desert crocodiles can fall asleep in the night. Therefore, we need to find a way to sneak past them (or get them to wake up) and then get our fight on!

    The combat in RuneScape can be affected by the timing of day and night. Some magic spells like the Lunar are more potent in the night. Ranging can be challenging in the dark, since it's difficult to discern in the dark.

    The night can make it dark in places like the wild or buy cheap osrs accounts areas that are abandoned by cities. Firemaking may be useful there. There are many'shady', or disguised, individuals who wander the streets and could attack you!