What about any recruits Hreidmar could have in the foundation?

  • Veldaban: Dwarves, tie him up, and cast a teleblock on him. Dwarves in the black guard will then catch the Lord, and bring him to a nearby room. Veldaban: Good work, Zachman3334. Can you chance to OSRS Gold find out anything else while you're in Arposandra?

    I was in some kind of prison cell. They have very powerful gnomes using a magical I have never seen before. And that is just their defenses. Veldaban: That is not good. We are presently a great enemy of Arposandra with no doubt. We must cripple the Red Axe as fast as we could. Our spy figured out that their base is a storage home of all their valuable info. There is information on the Black Guard, Dorgesh-Kahn, and even the Temple Knights. You have to burn the foundation, together with all of the information in it.

    What about any recruits Hreidmar could have in the foundation? The Temple Knights will be joining you, and will clear out the base of any danger in the building. The base should be relatively empty, anyway. How should I burn off the base down? There are five coal storage locations within the foundation. If you light a magic log and drop it , it will light on fire instantly. You have to light all five to burn off the foundation down.

    You will be teleported to the base, and Veldaban will inform you 30 temple knights have gone , and are scouting the foundation. All 30 will then come out, and report the base is clear.

    Open the doorway to the bottom, and you will enter a factory-like construction. Go down a route to the left, and you will come across a steel door, along with an elevator. Open the steel door (which you can not enter), and make use of your tinderbox in your magic log. You will drop the magical log, and light it, which will then capture the lava on fire. Enter the elevator, and attempt to Cheap Old School RuneScape Gold move the fold indoors. You find out that it's locked, and you must enter the reply to a simple double digit multiplication problem (like 56 * 28).