This is from my idea about the Official R.S. forums


    This is from my idea about the Official R.S. forums. I thing it'd pretty cool to OSRS Gold be living off the property, using the skills you learned as a beginner, where would the pickaxes spawn? Where could I get the equipment for a specific pursuit? Even if your 99 in a skill, everyone would be surivivng from what jagex needed to offer.

    You may need to gather your summoning supplies, besides the things that you buy from the summoning dude. You could gather with different buddies, likely a clan, and all of them are able to use their particular strengths to have a sort of camp, where all of your buddies thrive in a pvp world. I'm very very open to other thoughts. Please give some more ideas...

    Large groups, largely a clan, or a group of buddies. Will combine with cooks and materials, and basically make there team grow till they could actually make a dent in the society, which will be starting form scratch in these worlds (by scratch I mean like individuals being royalty, or the economy on those isolated worlds growing based on player influence).

    Campfires could be generated almost anywhere a fire is burning, since that most likely means that there is a group with jobs in it. If someone were dying, they could go looking for a campfire. Hmmmm... kill the members of the campfire, or trade and barter for meals?

    In nightime(maybe), or whenever people think it's mandatory, camps could spring up around the cook, the firemaker, the woodcutter, and a couple of warriors/mages/rangers/all. Obviously they'd still must be wary of combat, even thier own campmates may not be trusted. It would be forbidden to Cheap RuneScape Gold go into a POH, so advanced woodcutters could create log seats, crafters can make such things and tents, and thats basically how camping goes, while still staying PvP.