Path of Exile has been determined to be postponed

  • This is bad news for enthusiastic fans who love the Path of Exile extension. Grinding Gear Games as a developer has postponed this update. On December 10th, Cyberpunk 2077 will be released. In order to avoid conflicts, but also to provide players with some breathing space. The delay of Path of Exile also delayed the expansion.

    This news does not seem ideal. Grinding Gear also felt that they could reach the original date. If such a big game is released at the same time, then the release expansion is meaningless. Sometime in December, the team will complete the 3.13 expansion. After the delay of Path of Exile, the next update is also underway. This POE Currency can give them a win-win situation. One of the biggest releases in 2020 is something that players can enjoy. In the new year, they can have the new content of Path of Exile.

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    The delay of Path of Exile will not have any impact on developers, but the release schedule of the game in 2021 will be affected. Next year, the knock-on effect will appear. Fans can now wait patiently for a year when we continue to Buy POE Orbs work hard to deal with the chaos. Developers also hope that the impact of this delay will be minimized.

    The delay of Path of Exile will not make any reservation for the upcoming content. The developer's vision can be fully realized under the hope of fans. It is not yet known when the Path of Exile will arrive. Players who are novice players in Path of Exile can buy cheap POE Currency on IGGM.