The most important changes in Path of Exile

  • There are updates on Path of Exile, and the longest patch notes I have seen are all in it. Two of the most important changes are the addition of a new "Legislative Challenge Alliance". In this alliance, you can smash enemies to wake them up and collect a large amount of loot to visit the battlefield frozen in time.

    By default, you can hit multiple targets while attacking. You will automatically get a goal in the game. If you want to interrupt the skill animation, you can use action or movement skills. After you use this skill without causing any damage, you can directly activate another skill.

    The upper limit of accuracy is not 95%, and the enemy cannot avoid certain attacks. The enemy can block the attack by wearing a shield. But they cannot prevent all damage, but some.

    The way the enemy attacks will also change. Not only will they lock themselves, they can cause damage in a 120-degree arc. You can avoid it as quickly as possible. Now, the enemy's attack range has slowed down, so they can respond with appropriate actions or skills in time before being attacked.

    Players can find boulders in the game. If they need to thaw the ancient battlefield and defeat the newly active soldiers, they can activate these boulders. You can get rich rewards after defeating the soldiers and the pieces that can be broken down into badges. In the map device, two or more signs will be placed there. You will also enter the POE Orbs realm of eternal conflict, and then you will fight some armies and powerful new generals.

    A long list of skill gems, jewels and items have been added to this Path of Exile Currency update. Only after killing a certain number of monsters, these items will show their content. You can buy the POE Currency you need in the game, and you can buy it on IGGM.