World of Warcraft's next big MMO

  • I have been wandering in the MMO for the past few years trying to find a permanent place to open a store. Azeroth is where it used to be, waiting for each new expansion project to arrive. I have always wanted to go back to that place and want to study them again.

    Compared to before, I will lose myself more than ever, and I have no choice. In this era of MMO pie, they have fallen far behind. Certain types that want to tamper with it are on the decline.

    I think all MMOs are excellent. Here, I have thousands of hours of fond memories. If this type is always moving forward, then I will not return to Azeroth. What I am doing is floating listlessly from one old MMO to another. Then I want to find that spark.

    Even without a shiny new MMO, I will not be distracted. Their manufacturing costs and maintenance costs are very high, and they are also in fierce competition with countless live service games. Many publishers are reluctant to create such risks. Independent studios have now tried this situation. The World of Warcraft Classic Gold real studios have gradually disappeared, and large teams and additional infrastructure are in a state of lack.

    The most famous upcoming MMO is Amazon's "New World" which has been repeatedly pushed back. The life of the crucible has also become very short due to poor management. It will not inspire our confidence. Before the Classic WOW Gold delay, I was not so sure about it.

    All my time was consumed by a new MMO. I no longer want to be sure of what I want. Players in the game, if you need to buy Classic WOW Gold, you can buy it on MMOWTS.