Frostmourne in World of Warcraft

  • One of the most iconic and legendary weapons in World of Warcraft is Frostmourne. The history of World of Warcraft including Wrath of the Lich King and Legion is related to this famous sword. He has appeared in Warcraft III and other auxiliary Warcraft media.

    Torghast, made by guards using flower glue, is the origin of Frostmourne. The latest World of Warcraft Shadowlands is closely related to it. Frostmourne was carried by the Lich King Ner'zhul in Warcraft III.

    Arthas Menethil discovered Frostmourne after defeating Ner'zhul. After being tempted by Frostmourne, Arthas took up the sword and became the new Lich King. One of the greatest tragedies in World of Warcraft is this, and this consequence has continued to this day.

    After Tirion Fordring defeated Arthas in WoW: Wrath of the Lich King, Frostmourne has been crushed. Since then, the soul trapped inside has been released and the fragments have been kept. In the end, Frostmourne's sword hilt was placed on a statue erected in memory of Tirion Fordling. The fragments were re-forged in the WOW Classic Gold Legion Organization as Icebringer and Frostreaper.

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    In Shadowlands, fans have not seen the WOW Classic Gold For Sale final Frostmourne because of Sylvanas' plan. In World of Warcraft, the sword is one of the most iconic weapons.  In World of Warcraft, some of the best narrative moments play a pivotal role.

    Initially, Frostmourne belonged to Ner-zhul the Lich King. It became the new Lich King after defeating Arthas Menethil. In the history of World of Warcraft, Frostmourne is very important. If players need to buy Classic WOW Gold, they can log in directly to the MMOWTS website to purchase.