Derwin James vs. the World Rewards in Madden 21 Ultimate Team i

  • It was probably ten days ago. Derwin James vs. the World was held together with the Derwin Bowl. During the descent, fans of Madden 21 Ultimate Team could finally replace the Derwin James Jr. 97 OVR Master item. In addition, players who watched the Twitch live broadcast and logged into Madden 21 within a certain period received free rewards and some Madden 21 Coins. A few weeks after streaming the Derwin vs. World series on EA Madden Twitch, the Derwin Bowl event began. It features Derwin starting with DeVonta Smith, the winner of the Heisman Trophy in Crimson Tide, Alabama, competing with four competitors. Derwin had to make a comeback, but eventually defeated future NFL players by a close advantage.

    Besides fighting Smith, Derwin also hired country singer Lee Rice, YouTuber TD Barrett, and the recent Madden Club champion JWall. For Madden 21 players, being able to get major rewards in the ultimate team is also a thrilled thing. The reward is a new card with a total rating of 97 to ensure the safety of the Los Angeles Chargers. These attributes include 97 acceleration, 96 playback recognition, 96 powerful movement, 95 speed and 95 area coverage.

    The new Derwin 97 OVR has various X-factor and Superstar functions, and chemical upgrade MUT 21 Coins. The new Derwin card arrived on the second day of the G.O.A.T. game. Tom Brady won the 99 OVR Super Bowl MVP card when he led Tampa Bay to the championship last Sunday. When players miss a star in the live broadcast, they can also choose three player cards with a total rating of 90 in Derwin vs. the World.

    On the night of February 9th, players can exchange these three 90 OVR player items for 97 OVR Derwin James. It is also not a NAT card, which means that they can use many Derwin cards in auction houses, so it provides another option. Now his price on PlayStation 4 has been as high as about 300,000 coins. If players want to get him, they’d better go to GameMS to buy some MUT 21 Coins. Nice try!